Below you can find our hourly booking rates for all driving lessons and any special offers that DS-A are currently promoting.

All our lesson prices at this time are competitive with driving schools that offer similar services. Please read through our testimonials to see what others have thought of DS-A and take a look at the driving lesson car you’ll be driving to get ahead of the game. When you’re ready to book, or if you have any further questions then please get in touch by visiting our contact us page. All of fees include evening and weekend tuition sessions.

Lesson Pricing*

  • £31 per hour, Monday – Friday before 7pm
  • £32 per hour, Monday – Friday after 7pm
  • £33.50 per hour, Saturday – Sunday
  • Pass Plus (6 hour course) fee (incl. evenings): £175
  • Motorway hourly tuition fee (incl. evening): £35
  • PDI, Private Hire and Taxi training hourly fee: £35

*Prices subject to change at our discretion, prices above are the most recent.

Discounts and Offers

  • Recommend a friend: If your friend has ten hours of lessons, you will be rewarded with a free hour of tuition.

(A)pproved (D)riving (I)nstructor Service

Experienced Basingstoke expertise, thorough, detailed Test preparation and Safe Driving For Life service given. If you have booked a Test and require prep, then navigate our extensive ID (Independent Driving) routes, which are diagram based and directionally signposted. If you have never so much as sat in the driver seat, comprehensive tuition covering the entire spectrum is given supportively; having fun and enjoying the learning experience is very helpful so cheer and good humour are on offer. Why stop at Test success? Motorway driving, Advanced Driving and Pass Plus are also covered.

Additional Services

  • Evening and Weekend tuition available
  • Theory and Practical test booking
  • Theory test assistance
  • Advanced driving instruction
  • Mock driving tests

About the Mock driving test

The mock driving test consists of everything that you would expect from your real driving test. You will be treated as if you are actually participating in your driving test and you will be marked according to the official test criteria. I, Darren, will be the “official” examiner during this mock test. I will treat you not as my student but as a new driver trying to obtain their full license. This experience will act as your insight into what your actual test will feel like and will prepare you for the real thing. Please ask me more informaton during one of our sessions or feel free to contact me.