Great result for Jack passing first time, really proud of him! He beat me, I did it 2nd go, am sure I will be reminded! Wanted to say a big thanks for whipping him into shape and giving him skills that will stay with him and make him an accomplished driver in years to come.


I’d really like to thank Darren for his great mentoring throughout my learning experience. Initially, I wasn’t very confident in my ability as I had been practising with my dad which meant I wasn’t as experienced with a professional instructor like Darren, but Darren was both encouraging and supportive, which I’m glad to say might have been the edge to helping me pass my test first time! Perhaps more importantly, Darren was friendly, kind and always understanding. I have recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so. Thanks again Darren!


Darren is a marvellous instructor. I started off very nervous, but his friendliness, patience and good humoured nature put me at ease. His knowledge of Basingstoke, and all of the test routes, was very helpful, especially as I was new to the area. I passed thanks to Darren.


Darren is a very good instructor, he was my second instructor. Sadly I never got any good feedback about my driving skills from my first instructor, after which I had lost all hope of passing. But thanks to Darren; not only did I pass on my first attempt but I also passed with only 3 minor points. He treats you more like a friend more than a student which I felt is the best way to teach or learn. He is very motivating which will definitely help you pass and drive safe always.

Alex Pickard MSc BSc

I’d like to say that I’m really pleased with the instruction I received from Darren. I passed first time with near perfect marks! Darren’s instruction was encouraging, helpful and patient. He also had a good method of making analogies between driving techniques and things that I was interested in such as Astronomy, making the experience easier and all the more fun. I have been driving for nearly four years now without incident and can only attribute this to Darren’s tuition. I’d recommend Darren to anyone who wants to progress with the best instruction. Thanks again!


Thank you very much for coaching our driving skills in a very joyful and efficient way. I passed my test on my first attempt, my wife also got refreshed very well! We have been driving safely because of you! Thanks again, our mentor!!


Darren was a very patient and encouraging instructor. Although, I had given up on my driving tests but Darren never gave up on me. He made sure I succeeded in my test. He motivated me everytime I was down. He also has great knowledge of the Basingstoke. He was always punctual. He is a good humoured person. He chiseled me into a good, confident driver.

Tariq Blouch

Having had 5 years driving experience, I approached what I would come to know as The Master/s at teaching you to drive and more importantly to pass. Darren and his fellow tutors pick up on your good points, praise them and move onto the bits you’re not so great at, with the end result being a pass and plenty of tips and education to see you through a safe and great driving future. I highly recommend Darren as your Driving Instructor. If you want to learn the right way, then follow my lead and choose Darren.

Ashim Mall

I had some lessons with a couple of other driving schools before I met Darren, and man they were nothing compared to Darren. He’s a great Instructor and mentor. The way he teaches in fantastic, even the hardest of maneuvers seems easy after his instructions. He is definitely one of the best Instructors in all of Basingstoke, maybe even the UK. He is just great, I would definitely recommend him to others. Thanks a lot man.


I don’t think there is anyone out there that can make a better teacher than Darren, you don’t just get an instructor but a friend that would genuinely do anything within his power to get you to victory.